Better Know Your Twin Cities Bands!

Minneapolis Skyline by Steve Lyon via

What better time to get acquainted with the bands out of the Twin Cities on Locusic than right this very second? Check out the artists, give them a listen, and get ready for Locusic to launch in Minneapolis/St. Paul tomorrow!

!ntell!gent Des!gn (Rap and Hip-Hop)
A Call To Arms (Metal and Hard Rock)
Alison Scott (Pop, R&B and Soul, Rock)
As It Is (Folk)
Bensonwells (Religious)
Blaze 1984 (Rock)
Cantharone (Metal and Hard Rock)
Crashing Daylight (Rock)
Electric Anthem (Alternative)
Eric Moeckel (Folk)
Expyre (Metal and Hard Rock)
Grinder Sin (Metal and Hard Rock, Other)
Gryzor (Metal and Hard Rock)
Hillary Howard (Rock)
Inverted Cross (Metal and Hard Rock)
Jack Pine Savages (Alternative)
Jennifer Markey and the Tennessee Snowpants (Country)
Lehamore-Hudson (Other)
Lesser Known Saint (Metal and Hard Rock)
LongNeck Catz (Rock)
Matrekis (Rock)
Mileage May Vary (Rock)
MONOGON (Metal and Hard Rock)
Morosity (Alternative, Rock)
Morticia (Rock)
Nancy Olson (Blues)
On The March (Rock)
Outlaw Saint (Metal and Hard Rock)
Parachute.Pandas. (Pop)
Poopy Jim (Folk)
R/S (Punk)
Rivkit (Metal and Hard Rock)
Rock & Roll Whores (Rock)
Spy Johnson (Funk, Rock)
Ted Hajnasiewicz (Folk, Other, Rock)
The Bloody Dildos (Punk)
The Light Friday (Folk, Funk, Rock)
The Nick Warhead Experience (Folk, Metal and Hard Rock)
The Sextons (Rock)
The Tex Pistols Band (Country)
The UnderGroove (Funk)
Trip Lava (Other)
Twelve Gauge (Metal and Hard Rock)
UNSANITY (Metal and Hard Rock)
Warhead (Metal and Hard Rock)
Well Trained Monkey (Funk, Pop, Rock, World)
What Lies Within (Metal and Hard Rock)

There’s a lot of great local music happening in the Twin Cities, so stay tuned to Locusic for more updates and news about Saturday’s launch!


*Photo credit: by Steve Lyon. Full image on Flickr.

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