Expanding to the Twin Cities

Last week we started the process to launch Locusic in the Twin Cities (Minneapolis and St. Paul area in Minnesota). Upload is enabled, and the Player will be enabled soon.

Like in central Iowa, the Twin Cities live area covers a 50 mile radius around the Twin Cities. Technically, the center of the circle is in the southwest suburbs – so the live area extends a bit further west. Also, to confuse things a bit more, while I use terms like “circle” and “radius”, and the image here shows a shaded circular area, the live region is really more square-shaped. Imagine a square that fits perfectly around the circle shown – a square with 100 mile sides. So the towns of St. Cloud, New Ulm, and Zumbrota are included in the live area.

I had some great talks with a bunch of people in the local music scene in the Minneapolis area this past weekend. I talked to a few people at First Avenue during a show Friday night featuring a ton of local bands. Then on Saturday, we had a meeting at a local cafe, Common Roots. I gave a demonstration of Locusic to a room full of local musicians and others involved in the local scene. The feedback was quite positive.

Locusic is deployed to new locations in two phases… First, we enable upload for bands and musicians in the area. Second, we enable the music player for listeners in the area. Upload was just enabled for the Twin Cities region on Thursday (11/24) evening. We’re waiting to enable the music player until we have at least 1000 songs by at least 100 Twin Cities artists.

So far (at the time of this writing) we have 98 songs by 16 artists.

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