How To Meet Other Musicians

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Ready to get out of the basement? Have you perfected your signature guitar moves in front of the mirror? It’s time to meet up with some like-minded musicians and start something! Once you have the itch to start up a band of brothers or sisters, it must be scratched. It seems so simple, just go find other musicians, but people don’t religiously flock to venues to swap ideas as much as they used to. You know, that whole internet thing eliminated some of that. Here are ways you can find other musicians and start living the ‘How We Met’ portion of your future ‘Behind The Music’ special.


1.       Shows

Is there a local band you really like? Go see them. Talk to them afterwards. Chances are they would love to talk about music, aspirations, people they know looking for a band, etc. The easy access of the internet has made people less likely to be bold and be the first to approach someone, but BE BOLD.

How did Keith Moon become the drummer of The Who? He talked to them after a show and told them he was better than their drummer. Courtney Love talked her way into Faith No More after a show while wearing a wedding dress. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there. Chances are, there are musicians at the show doing the exact same thing you are…so find them, too!



Band Mix is basically a for musicians to check out each other’s profiles and find matches for their band or music project. No love connections here, just individual musicians seeking band mates. Band Mix allows you to search by location, genre, instruments played, and even vocal range. Your profile allows you to upload audio, photos, and specify what kinds of musicians you’re seeking.


3.       Music Stores (Equipment, Records, Head Shops…)

Flyers, conversation, and recommendations! Oh my! Generally, people who work at music stores are musicians, or aficionados of the local music scene. Ask questions. They’re at work and they’re bored. (See: High Fidelity)

They would love to talk with you about the latest gear, latest band, or latest band that broke up. (Stray musicians! Go find them!)


Already in a band? How did you find your band family? We want to know!


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One Response to How To Meet Other Musicians

  1. Shobhit says:

    Thanks for these suggestions, I think they are really effective. Well, in my case I was on train, carrying my guitar along with me and fortunately, the four guys next to me were already a part of band, led by them. We talked music stuff, etc and, immediately after getting off from the train. We promised to met again, next day and that was the start of my music journey with that band, today renamed as “Death Blazers” :)