Madison Ray

RAW Des Moines 2012 Winner for Music: Madison RayWe snagged a few minutes with RAW musician Madison Ray. A Des Moines local favorite, you can catch him on Locusic and around local venues rockin’ out with his band, Madison Ray and All the Single Ladies. Better yet: He’s up for the title of 2012 Best Musician from RAW. We caught up on his history as a musician, his most memorable show in Des Moines, and what’s next for the group.

Locusic: Tell me a little bit about your musical history. How did Madison Ray and All The Single Ladies come to be?

Madison Ray: I started performing when I lived abroad in Tokyo, Japan. I would tour around in nightclubs and festivals as part of a talent showcase, I even had two wonderful backup dancers! In wanting to have more original material, I got in touch with Chris Powell (friend from high school and keyboards for All the Single Ladies) and he brought in Grey Lovelace (guitar) and we started playing around Des Moines as an acoustic trio. When we realized that the music needed more, Brenden Pugh (bass) and Kirk Ford (drums) joined the band and everything clicked in the right way.


Locusic: You recently won a RAWard. How does it feel?

Madison Ray: It’s exciting to win an award. Sometimes you need some kind of symbol to verify that your craft is well received but I think the being the first Musician of the Year is even more thrilling. Hopefully, we can be good ambassadors for RAW Des Moines, see the bar steadily rise for new local musicians and this title to gain prestige.


Locusic: What’s the most memorable show you’ve played in Des Moines?

Madison Ray: My favorite show so far has been The Breast Show in Town, a breast cancer awareness fundraiser put on by Lion’s Roar Entertainment. It was honor to have such a great cause to play for and personally, I believe All the Single Ladies started to hit their stride as a band. Every song was electric, the applause just as intense. We really started to believe in what we are doing that night.


Locusic: What’s next? Any albums/singles/rad shows coming up?

There are so many exciting things happening! Our last show for 2012 is December 7th at the Vaudeville Mews. We will be headlining, but we have 2 great bands joining the bill, Deadnote and By & By. We have our first TV appearance coming up too! We will be playing on Great Day KCWI on December 13th. Lastly, we have our first album coming out January 5th, 2013! It’s titled Starship to Mars and I can’t wait for everyone to hear it!


Locusic: The national RAWard artists are announced on December 3rd—Are you nervous?

Madison Ray: Nervous? No way! Their method of judging seems more like winning the lottery so we are just gonna sit back and enjoy the ride!



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