New Artist Lists

Locusic now has a couple more ways to check out what’s going on in your local music scene!


Instead of just one list (broken down by state) of the musicians on Locusic, you can now see who the current most popular bands are in your location, and which bands from your area have recently added more music to Locusic. Plus you can still get the full listing of all artists on Locusic.

Menu-ArtistListsThe “Artist Lists” option in the menu will take you to the Popular list for your area.

You can switch to your home location to see the popular artists there.



Click the “Recently Uploaded” button to switch to the list of musicians that have recently added new songs to Locusic (again – for your current location or home location).

Click the “All bands on Locusic” link at the bottom of the page to get the full artist listings – broken down by state.

Congratulations to the musicians/bands shown in the screenshots on this post – our first leading artists:

Popular in Central Iowa: Gadema, Angle, Bolsa de Papas, Cirrus Minor, Bonne Finken

Popular in the Twin Cities (Minneapolis area): Well Trained Monkey, Electric Anthem, Spy Johnson, The UnderGroove, Vaudeville

Recently Uploaded in Central Iowa: A Better Reality, The Dirty Kids, Prisms & Portals, Colt Walkers, Kristian Day

Recently Uploaded in the Twin Cities: DRONES, Mortificator, The Falderals, Pill Hill, Detritus

Do you live somewhere else? How about near Iowa City? Who’s on the lists there?

I wonder if these lists will change in the coming days!


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