We Know Where You Are…

But really, we do. We’ve been hard at work fixing up the geolocation abilities of the website. Now when you sign on, we’ll find your location (with your permission) and give you all of the local music we have for wherever you are. West Des Moines? We’ve got you covered. Clive? Yup, you, too.

All modern web browsers – Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer (IE), Opera, etc. – have the ability to share your location, but you may have to give your permission. Each browser has its own way for asking for this. Here are some examples:

















IE (appears at the bottom of the browser):




Once permission is granted, Locusic will be able to fine-tune your location. Instead of just guessing at a nearby location, Locusic will be able to use a much more accurate location and give you a better listening experience. Here’s an example of how the Locusic interface behaves when fine-tuning your location.

I was actually in Ankeny when I opened Locusic for this example. At first it said “Des Moines” – based on a rough check of my internet connection.




I had already granted Locusic.com the ability to know my locaiton. It quickly said it was Fine-tuning my location.




Then it had accurately determined my location.





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