Where We’ve Been

Last weekend hosted a few local music events. If you missed them, we went for you.

Saturday at the Vaudeville Mews was a must-go. A 27th birthday party (Aslandaganza 5) for booking agent Ladd Askland drew in tons of people and local bands. Each year, he picks his favorite local musicians to put on a show for his friends and the Des Moines community. This year featured:

Early show: Mantis Pinchers, The Seed of Something, and Eric Kennedy

Late show: Poison Control Center, Wolves in the Attic, and Derek Lambert and the Prairie Fires

Erika made it to the late show and reports that all of the bands killed it. There has never been a better time to be a local band in Des Moines.

Forey Fest was another event that took over the running/bar/music scene of Des Moines last Saturday. A fundraising event for local legend Forey began with a 5K run, continued with a 12-6 p.m. bar crawl, and ended with a show at People’s Court. Check here for all the details and the meaning behind the event. Locusic made an appearance and passed out fliers to local music enthusiasts while showing support and wishing a quick recovery to Forey.


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